Hollywood & Crime: Black Dahlia

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Hollywood & Crime is a groundbreaking true crime series about the most infamous murders in Tinseltown history.In our twenty-six episode series opener, The Black Dahlia Serial Killers, host Tracy Pattin investigates the sensational unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short. Known as the Black Dahlia, Short was a star-struck young woman whose body was found completely severed at the waist in January 1947. Many remember her tragic story, yet few know that more than a dozen other women died in similar circumstances around that same time.
Hollywood & Crime - History - Ep.#6 | Black Dahlia Homicide detectives and reporters retraced Elizabeth Short's steps prior to her body being discovered in Los Angeles on January 15th.
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AUTHOR Rebecca Reynolds
FILENAME Hollywood & Crime: Black Dahlia.pdf
PUBLISH DATE 07 Aug 2018

The Black Dahlia in Hollywood

Tracy Pattin is host, co- producer and co-creator of the Hollywood and Crime series. She is a contributing writer for West Hollywood Magazine and for Visit West Hollywood. She conducts personally guided tours of West Hollywood specializing in the history of The Sunset Strip.

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The Black Dahlia Murder Read About It in FBI Records. 10/20/06. Interested in the infamous unsolved murder of Elizabeth Short, aka the "Black Dahlia," the 22-year-old Hollywood starlet who was ...


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